My Prom!

Since the prom season has come to an end, I thought I would share my own prom experience with you guys!

I graduated last year and if there’s one specific thing I remember about prom, it’s that it was STRESSFUL! Dress, hair, makeup, shoes, ride, date, no date, after prom…it’s definitely a stressful day to plan. But (huge BUT), it’s super worth it!

Thank goodness I already knew in advance who was doing my hair and makeup, so that wasn’t too difficult for me. I also have an amazing boyfriend, so there was no need to worry about having a date or not (not that it matters if you do or don’t)! All that was left to worry about was my dress, shoes, and planning after prom.




My prom was on June 23, 2016 and it was March and I still hadn’t gone looking for a dress yet. I was super nervous. Luckily, I found a dress that I absolutely fell in love with at only the second store I visited. It was hot pink, simple, and everything I wanted! I was in love!


To go with my beautiful dress, I really wanted silver shoes… I went to so many stores looking for the perfect silver heel but I never found the right pair. I either didn’t like them or they weren’t comfy. And let me tell you… you NEED comfy shoes for prom if you want to dance and take pictures all night long! In the end, I ended up wearing the heels I wore to my Sweet 16 the year before. They were silver, I knew they were comfy and who really cares if people had seen them once before? Who even remembers!?

After prom was honestly the hardest part for us to plan. Everyone has different ideas and want different things. In the end, we ended up going to the Old Port in Montreal the night of and then the next morning we went to a chalet for the weekend with a lot of friends.


Prom was honestly an amazing experience. It was such a fun night and weekend! It was filled with fun, laughter and positivity! For your prom, I hope you had or are going to have a wonderful time too!

If you liked what I wore to my prom, I included some links down below of items similar to what I wore. Unfortunately, I could not find the exact items that I wore, but I included others that look similar and that I really like.




Nail Polish Colour:

Hair Products:


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