“Open When…” Cards

As my boyfriend is currently on vacation and I’m missing him very much, it reminded me of the last time he left for vacation 2 years ago. We hadn’t been together for very long at the time and 2 weeks apart sounded like an eternity. What I decided to do to make the time pass faster was to make these cute little cards. It was such a blast to make and it was so cute for him to open if he ever missed me.


Of course, this is just the way that I did it and if you wish to reproduce it, you could do it however you’d like!

As you can tell in the picture above, I decided to make them Open When: You receive this, you miss me, you’re having a bad day, I’ve just left (since I was also going on vacation right before),Β  you’re bored, you want to walk down memory lane, you want to hear a story, you can’t fall asleep, and the date July 21, 2015, which would have been 4 months we were together on that day.

You can make as many or as little as you want and about no matter what you want! It’s the thought that counts!

As for what goes inside, you can get as creative as you like. I went a little crazy making this and I had so much fun so I incorporated a lot of things in my envelopes but you can totally make them however you’d like.

For a little inspiration, I’m going to show you 2 of my favourite ones… My all time favourite one to make was the “Open When… You’re Bored” one…


So what I did for this one is that I firstly created my own word search using a website, which was filled with words that reminded me of him. Then, I found a card that was bumpy and had a design so I made a sort of colour by number type of thing where the letters written equaled the colour that he needed to colour it in. In the end, it ended up looking like a heart. Next, I found a bunch of riddles that I liked so that he could solve them and I included the answers in the back of the paper. I also printed a picture of us, then stuck it on a piece of cardboard and cut it into pieces so that it was like a puzzle. And lastly, I printed a lot of games like Sudoku and mazes for him to solve while he was bored.

I found it so creative and so fun to make and I think he really enjoyed it too!

My last one that I am going to share with you is the “Open When… You’re Having A Bad Day” Card. I blurred the letter that I included in this one because that is personal and I did not really want to share. However, every relationship is different and you should write whatever you would normally say to them when they are having a bad day.


Besides the letter that I included in this one, I also included a list of jokes that I thought would make him smile, some quotes that we used to laugh and smile about, a happy face, a ghost hug in case he needed a hug, a post-it reminding him to smile and a picture of us to remind him that I will be right there when he gets back!

This was such a fun project to make and I highly encourage you to make one because it’s just so thoughtful and it also allows you to have fun and play around with your creative side. And trust me, your partner will LOVE IT! It really did make the time apart pass by much faster and smoother!


12 thoughts on ““Open When…” Cards

    • miriamcheety says:

      Haha you can definitely copy it! That’s the point! ☺️ and I’m sure you can find occasions for even when you’re together…most of them don’t necessarily need to be when you’re apart 😊


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