Favourites of 2017

Welcome Everyone!

I loved so many things in 2017. It really was a great year in so many different areas, so I thought I should do a favourites blog for the whole year. I split my favourites up in different categories, so let’s just get started…


  • Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album has been my absolute favourite of 2017. I love every single song on it. It’s amazing!
  • Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Symphony with Andrea Bocelli is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Divide Album.jpgBeauty:

  • Stick-On Nails by Nailene. I love the look of getting fake gel nails but I hate how much it ruins your nails, so, these were definitely my go-to in 2017!
  • Any Face Masks! I’ve been obsessed with face masks this year and I did one almost every single weekend.
  • The Match Stix Matte Skinstick from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. It’s just so amazing and blends so well!



  • Riverdale, which is a TV show based on the characters of the Archie Comics. I’ve been loving this show so much. There’s currently 2 seasons out.
  • Stranger Things is another show I also loved in 2017. Season 2 was just WOW! Cannot wait for the next season.Shows.jpg


  • My 18th birthday! I celebrated it 4 different days with family and friends! It also fell on Easter this year so it was a ton of fun!
  • Basically any time I spent time with my friends. I went out a lot more this year and spent a lot more time with my friends. So honestly just any time that I spent with them was a blast!
  • New Year’s Eve was also one of my favourite days ever. It was my first time spending New Year’s Eve with my friends. We went to a hall, which was fun because we got to sing, dance, and eat a lot of yummy food!

I definitely loved a lot more things throughout 2017. These were just a few of my favourites! I honestly cannot wait to see what 2018 brings! I can just imagine that there will be loads more of amazing things to include in my next favourites blog!

What were your favourites of 2017? I’d love to know!

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