Top 5 Places I’ve Traveled To

Hii Everyone!

I absolutely love traveling to different countries and visiting new places so I really wanted to write a post dedicated to my top 5 favourite places that I have been to so far. I hope to be able to update this list as time progresses!


At the time that I visited Spain, Spain was the #1 place I wanted to travel to. I had really high hopes for Spain and it definitely met my expectations. I stayed in Sitges when I went to Spain but we spent a day in Barcelona as well. It’s such a beautiful country to visit and the beaches were SO beautiful.



London is most definitely one of my favourite places in the world. I’ve been there twice so far and I really would love to go back. I don’t even know what I love so much about it, I just really loved being there and I hope to go back again soon. It is honestly one of my favourite countries in the world.



Wow! Such a gorgeous country. It is so so so beautiful. You need to visit Italy at least once! I’ve been to Rome, Venice, and Sicily so far, but I definitely hope to visit even more places in Italy in the future. So far, Venice was my favourite. It was such a relaxing place with adorable little shops everywhere. I absolutely loved it.



Honestly, I’m not sure why I love Boston so much when it technically not that different from Montreal, but I just do! I really enjoy visiting Boston and shopping over there. I find it a really nice place to walk around, visit, and shop. It also feels homey since it’s not that different from Montreal.


Punta Cana

It seems weird to include Punta Cana because it’s not a visiting place like the rest of my Top 5, but it is honestly my favourite getaway place ever. It is my favourite resort area to go to. I’ve been there quite a few times and I’ve absolutely loved it every time. So relaxing, so fun, just generally the best!


Those are my top five!! Of course, Costa Rica was also my #1 favourite trip ever, but since I already made a post dedicated to Costa Rica, I wanted to mention my other favourites this time!

What is your #1 place that you have traveled to?

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