It’s More Than Just a Game

Have you ever played the card game, Go Fish? It’s actually one of my favourite card games because it’s so easy and doesn’t require much thinking.

If you have never played, basically each player gets five cards. Throughout the game, players take turns asking a specific player for a given rank of card. If the person you ask does not have the card you are looking for, you must go fish in order to pick a card from the deck. When you get four of a kind during the game, those cards are removed from your hand, and you get a point.

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However, Go Fish is actually a lot more than just a silly card game… It actually depicts an important life lesson behind it all. This game teaches the importance of persistence and of never giving up.

In life, we may feel like we should not ask for something twice. If someone says no once, we will stop asking. However, that’s not always what will get you where you want to be. What if they changed their mind? What if the circumstances have changed and now the answer is different? How would you know if you don’t ask again?

In Go Fish, you have to keep asking for the same card numbers over and over again and although it feels odd because last round they had just said no, you still ask. You ask because there is a chance that in the round that just passed, they would have picked up the card that you needed. Same thing goes in life…things are constantly changing at all times. If you want something, go for it until you get it!

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6 thoughts on “It’s More Than Just a Game

  1. I never played this game as a kid but I have played it with my kids since I became an old timer, it is a pretty fun game to play, it usually brings out a lot of smiles in the little ones.

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