Favourites of 2017

Welcome Everyone! I loved so many things in 2017. It really was a great year in so many different areas, so I thought I should do a favourites blog for the whole year. I split my favourites up in different categories, so let’s just get started… Music: Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album has been my absolute … More Favourites of 2017

Autumn is Here

Although we’re all very sad that summer is officially over, there’s just so much to love about fall. For starters, fall means crunchy, colourful leaves! What’s more satisfying than stepping on crunchy leaves? Trick question – there’s actually nothing more satisfying. To go with the beautiful leaves, outfit and makeup ideas get prettier too! In … More Autumn is Here

My Everyday Makeup

I’ve been really loving how my makeup has been coming out recently. So as a blogger…my job is to share all my secrets with my subscribers! In my opinion, I don’t wear that much makeup and I always go for a casual look. If you like the casual look too and are looking to try … More My Everyday Makeup